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Wine Club Information


What It Is:

Our wine club is different from a lot of others. Ours is free to join and is basically a discount program where you agree to purchase 12 bottles a year at a 10% discount. As long as you are an active member of the club, you will never pay full price for our wine when it is purchased from our tasting room.


The Agreement:

You agree to purchase 3 bottles of wine in the same transaction once every quarter at a 10% discount. You can also buy ahead. This means if you come in and purchase 6 bottles at a 10% discount, that would count for two quarters. A case (12 bottles) could take care of your entire year’s commitment.


If you do not make your purchase during the quarter, we will charge 3 of your favorite wines to your credit card on file and you may pick them up at your convenience.  There will be no refunds on these charges for any reason, but you are able to swap wines if the ones we chose are not what you wanted.


Charges will be made during the middle of:


Terms & Conditions:

You must be 21 years of age and have a valid credit card on file to join.

Regardless of the month you join, the wine club quarters are as follows:
1st Quarter : January – March
2nd Quarter : April – June
3rd Quarter : July – September
4th Quarter : October - December


If for any reason you get behind on your quarterly purchases, you will be
considered inactive and will not be eligible for any discounts.

If at any time your membership is cancelled, you will need to purchase ALL
wines missed to reactivate your privileges. (Any exception will have to be approved by management.)


Additional Benefits:

Never pay full price for our wine!  Receive discounts any time you come in!

10 % off  1 – 11 bottles     

15% off  12 – 23 bottles    

20% off  2 cases or more


Deeper discounts are offered once each quarter. As long as you have purchased your quarterly commitment (3 bottles at a 10% discount), everything in our shop is at our highest 20% discount. This includes all wine, clothing, and accessories.


You will be notified of upcoming discount days by email and/or by phone. If you would like to take advantage of these deeper discounts but are unable to come by the winery, simply call us or send us an email with your order and we will charge your order to your credit card on file. The wine will be waiting for you the next time you are able to stop by.


Members receive discounts on Dennis Vineyards event tickets.


Members are the first to be notified of events, new wine releases and other special announcements.


Shipping Membership


Living out of state but still want to be in our wine club? Unfortunately we are unable to ship to all states due to required permits, but we can ship to these:


North Carolina- Up to 2 cases /month


South Carolina- Up to 2 cases /month


Florida- Unlimited


Washington DC- 1 case per person/month


Minnesota- Up to 2 cases /year


Shipping members are required to pay for freight. Freight price is figured upon weight (how many bottles are being shipped) and where it is being shipped. We do not post standard shipping rates. Give us a call to figure out what your shipping rate would be.


Just visiting North Carolina and love our wines but don’t want the hassle of carrying it on a plane or driving it back home? Ship it back home from our store to these states:


Arizona- Up to 2 cases per person /year


Delaware- Unlimited


Georgia- Up to 5 cases per household /year


Kansas- Unlimited


Rhode Island- Unlimited


In order to ship to these states, customer must be in store at time of purchase and have it shipped back home. Freight price is figured upon weight and where it is being shipped. We do not post standard shipping rates.


Want to become a member?  Fill out the application & choose your first 3 wines!


Application: View Download


Conditions and requirements subject to change without notice.





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